House Groups

Do you have questions about God and life?

We all do and we discuss them regularly in our House Groups!

House Groups are a vital part of our church community at London Road Methodist Church, providing friendship, mutual support and encouragement for their members. They also provide everyone with opportunities to grow together and learn from each other as we talk about or experience:

  • exploring and developing our understanding of our faith;
  • the role of the church in a 21st Century community in Horsham;
  • the part we do and could play in that role;
  • the difficulties we face in working out our faith in our daily lives;
  • or even whether we have a faith at all and what that faith might look and feel like.

The House Groups provide a safe, confidential and nurturing environment in which to have those discussions or experiences and help us to realise that the problems or difficulties that we may have are rarely something unique to us.

The groups are listed in this schedule along with contact details, some information about when and where they meet and who leads the meetings. If you want to try one of them out please do contact them and watch out in the Weekly News and the Bulletin for details of the next meeting.

The nature of each House Group is different so if you find a particular group doesn't suit you then please do try another - nobody will mind because we want the benefits of House Groups to be available to all.

Alternatively, if a few friends or acquaintances would like to form a new group, please speak to Rob Pitt (H 259806) who leads our Discipleship Mission Team to make sure you get the right support to help you start your new group.

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